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Head of IT Delivery | Creditinfo CEE s.r.o.
Authentic, challenging, no-nonsense attitude. This is how we do it.

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.NET Developer

IT | Praha
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Our business:
Credit Bureau System (CBS) is a ground-breaking, easy to implement Credit Bureau Solution. It serves as a platform for information exchange within the banking and non-banking sectors and provides organisations with the ability to store and distribute information and intelligence.

By implementing our solutions, we are helping people around the world to access credit under fair and transparent conditions.

We are Microsoft shop and Gold partner, however, in last few months it’s changing, and we are using OSS projects and looking around for a new and successful technologies that can be used in our products.

You need to be familiar with .NET and C# in every area and namespace.
We are using MS SQL Server as the main data storage for the data and it’s necessary to know how the server is behaving in different scenarios. However, it’s not only the one storage that you can work with and if you know how other NoSQL databases are working and how to use them it will be valuable.
We also accommodating distributed oriented principles to be able to distribute the work to the different nodes and span several servers, for this reason we are using messaging mechanism in different forms from RabbitMQ to Actor model represented by Akka.Net. It means also that you should know about other techniques how to parallelize the work and how to use asynchronous access to the resources.
Our work is not only about backend systems and we must present the data to the end users. Our clients are connected to the system through public API defined in line with SOA principles and using SOAP (WebAPI) and to represent the data to humans we are using modern browsers and creating SPA application with a framework like Angular/ReactJS is
.Net C#

- Primarily Relational MS SQL
- Complemented by NoSQL (Elastic, Redis)

- RabbitMQ

Actor Model
- AKKA .Net

Distributed, service oriented systems

Bez čeho se u nás neobejdeš:

- Understanding of algorithmic complexity
- Understanding of what going on behind the scenes
- Coding culture
- Design patterns
- Clean code
- Emphasis on testing

- Ability and passion to learn

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Sokolovská, Praha, Česko
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We offer the environment of inspirational colleagues and satisfied customers from all around the world.

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  • Full-time
  • Part-time

Senior Test Analyst

IT | Praha
Co budeš dělat:

• Learn about newly developed product features, explore, analyse and test them
• Challenge assumptions / requirements / specifications and test them
• Cooperate with other SCRUM team members in order to deliver products that satisfy client needs
• Own the testing domain in the SCRUM team
• Coach SCRUM team members in testing in order to improve team output
• Use different testing techniques based on product and feature analysis which should be a best fitting blend of exploratory testing and automated testing using tools such as FitNesse or Selenium
• Comprehensively report found bugs in TFS
• Provide test support to product releases

Bez čeho se u nás neobejdeš:

• Working knowledge of manual testing – exploratory and/or scripted
• Knowledge of SQL and XML – on a tester’s level
• Understanding of automated testing and ability to learn new frameworks
• How to work hard
• Analytical thinking and methodical approach
• Ability to learn quickly about newly developed Creditinfo Solutions’ products and modules
• How to be a valuable team member
• Fluent English

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Sokolovská, Praha, Česko
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Not only good feeling from a good job but also inspirational colleagues and satisfied customers.

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  • Full-time

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